Why choose
Ward Aluminum?

With satisfied customers inside and outside North America, we supply raw and fully machined aluminum for many applications. Starting with your design specifications, we create a customized production plan for on-time and precision castings.

Competitive Pricing

Sand casting is extremely cost effective due to its low set up fees and versatility. Modifications are done easily keeping you at or under budget.

Consistent Quality

Our castings are visually inspected through every stage of finishing and production. We strive for consistent quality day in and day out.

On-Time Delivery

Our combination of automatic mold creation and manual molding and core making machines offers efficient production at any volume level.


Since opening the doors of Ward Pattern & Engineering in 1964, Ward has transformed over the years. Ward Aluminum Company is committed to providing our customers the utmost in quality and delivery performance. From blueprint to finished product, we are a vertically integrated supplier of finished machined aluminum castings. Ward is comprised of four divisions Ward Pattern & Engineering (WPE), Ward Aluminum Casting (WAC), Ward Heat Treat (WHT) and Ward Production Machine (WPM).

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We Are Certified

Our IATF 16949:2016 registration is proof of our commitment to providing world-class quality, superior customer service, and utmost customer confidence.

Our registration certificate is proudly displayed in the lobby and is available to download here for your convenience.